Only 15% of Americans have the chance to build a brand new home. We work hard to make sure it is a wonderful experience. Join us on the path to happy NEW home ownership.

Step #1
Take 5 minutes to talk on the phone with our lender to find your “magic number.” This is what you want to spend on your new home and where you want your payment to be.
Our lender, Chris Daly, is happy to help you at (804) 839-8595 or (804) 272-2330, anytime day or night!

Step #2
Armed with your magic number, the first decision is: WHERE? Working with one of our new home consultants, what Finer Home neighborhood works best for you?

Step #3
Once you have decided on a neighborhood, the next question to answer is: WHAT? What home design best fits the needs and dreams of your family?

Step #4
Once we have determined the where and what, the last question is: WHICH? Which piece of land/home site will your home live on?

Step #5
Now on to the paperwork to secure your choice of neighborhood, home design, homesite, price, and promotion. The entire process takes about an hour.

Step #6
After that, you have one week more to consider and think about any options you might want to add or any adjustments you want to make to your new home.

Step #7
The plan designer draws custom plans for your new home!

Step #8
We meet with you to review the plans and make exterior color choices. This is so much fun!

Step #9
Construction begins! Your new home grows and changes daily!

Step #10
You make interior color selections…your custom choices… This is your home filled with your favorites!

Step #11
Construction continues…you enjoy watching your creation come to life!

Step #12
We finish your home and give you the keys to your castle! You live happily ever after!