Top Ten Reasons To Build A Finer Home

Caring is a powerful business advantage.  – Scott Johnson

1. More Home for the Money

The #1 reason our customers tell us they chose a “Finer Home.”

All builders must make choices about what products and features to include in the base price of a house. Some focus heavily on construction items. Increasingly, many focus on cosmetic touches more visible to customers.

Finer Homes takes a balanced approach. While very focused on design and amenities, our first commitment is to a well-constructed home that will wear well over the years. We often go beyond what is required or necessary by building code standards, which increases the livability factor for our homeowners. Some things we do include:

  • “Glue and screw” down floors, dramatically reducing squeaks!
  • Use structural OSB sheathing around the whole house – not just the parts required by code!
  • Sheet-rock the ENTIRE garage – not just the sections required by code!
  • Use extremely high-quality windows. They are single hung, tilt, double insulated, Low E energy star. This is the same glass you will find in a million dollar home. It protects your furniture and flooring as well and provides greater energy efficiency.

2. Excellent After-Closing Service

Over 95% of our customers report total satisfaction with the care they received after moving in.

“The only real way to differentiate yourself from the competition is through service.” – Jonathan Tisch

We’ve all heard the horror stories. The day after you move into a new house, things start going wrong. You call the builder and after many broken promises, months later no one has shown up. Your dream has turned into a nightmare.

When you buy a FINER HOME, we GUARANTEE this will never happen to you. NEVER EVER EVER.

We are absolutely committed to customer care after you move in. Our customer service employees are experienced, dedicated, and steadfast in their desire for you to enjoy your new FINER HOME. At FINER HOMES, that is how we define living “happily ever after.”

3. Family Owned and Operated

We have been doing business for over 26 years in the community where we have lived our lives and raised our families.

“Caring is a powerful business advantage.” – Scott Johnson

FINER HOMES was founded by Clay and Sue Holt in 1981. All four of their children now work to make it the company it is today. Each family member brings to the company an education and emphasis on construction, design, finance, and marketing. We are passionate about our customers and our business. And we are raising the third generation to take the ball and run with it some day.

We are a building family. It is in our blood. We love it and we are grateful every day for the opportunity to do this important work: build homes for families to live and love in.

4. Affordable Options

Our hundreds of affordable options allow our customers to “customize” their new home without the custom (higher!) price.

“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” – Julie Cameron

Conventional wisdom said it couldn’t be done. They said a builder in our price range couldn’t offer a lot of options. They said we had to stay streamlined and only allow customers a few basic choices in order to be profitable. They were wrong.

FINER HOMES proudly offers hundreds of extremely affordable options which literally allow our customer to “customize” their new home to their own specific wants and needs. Whether what strikes your fancy is vaulted spaces, built in bookcases, marble fronted fireplaces, stone or brick exteriors, higher garage doors for taller vehicles, hardwood and tile floors, glass block windows in bathrooms…you get to spend your money exactly the way you want to. Isn’t that the point of building a new home? We think so, too.

5. Our Neighborhoods

Our neighborhoods are conveniently located, beautiful lots with attention to detail.

“We are ourselves, creations. And we, in turn, are meant to continue creativity be being creative.” – Julie Cameron

What a joy and privilege to take a piece of raw land and create a neighborhood where families come together and create a community! For the money, we believe we have some of the most attractive neighborhoods and building lots in the area.

6. Award-winning Home Plans

Our design team is dedicated to providing family friendly and current floor plans for today’s living.

“Do it big, do it right, and do it with style.” – Fred Astaire

Winning award after award, year after year, in the prestigious Richmond Homebuilders Parade of Homes, the FINER HOMES design team is committed to delivering floor plans that work well and live well for today’s family.

From “flex” space, to storage space, to traffic flow, to expandability — each plan is put to the test to provide the most value possible for the family living in it.

7. One-stop Shopping

Our relationships with excellent lenders and attorneys create a more seamless and stress free buying experience for our customers.

“Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence — only in constant improvement and constant change.” – Julie Cameron

Once again, we have built our company by asking the question, “How can we make this process better or easier for our customers?”

Buying a new home is a process requiring the services of numerous kinds of businesses, from title company to mortgage company to closing attorney. Recognizing that each of these service providers contributes to the experience of our customers, FINER HOMES has developed relationships with some of the best companies in Richmond.

When using our mortgage company and closing attorney, not only do we contribute heavily to your closing costs, you are guaranteed the most efficient and seamless purchasing process available.

8. Our People

We all know that people make all the difference. Our long time employees and subcontractors are truly the best in the business.

“What we need is more people who specialize in the impossible.”
– Theodore Roethke

While we are pleased to offer the most home for the money to our customers, we do not subscribe to the theory of paying people less than they deserve or “squeezing” our subcontractors and suppliers tightly.

We have done business with many of the same high quality people and companies for more than 20 years. We do not bounce around from contractor to contractor bidding each job for the cheapest price; rather we are a profit-sharing company, that rewards our employees for working hard and smart and treating our customers and business partners alike with dignity and respect.

Because of these people and their commitment to service, we get little impossible things done every day.

9. A Positive Experience

We strive to deliver a positive experience. We have employees dedicated to customer care throughout the entire building process. Our goal is to minimize anxiety and increase the joy of this exciting life experience.

“If you’re not using your smile, you’re like a man with a million dollars in the bank and no checkbook.” – Les Giblin

We like what we do for a living and are a pretty happy group. Sure, building a great home with so many moving parts and people in just a few short months has its challenges. But our mission drives us, and our customers make our work exceptionally rewarding.

These are the moments life is made of. It is a rare and wonderful opportunity to build a new home from start to finish with the things in it that are important to you and the colors you love. Yes, buying a house costs a small fortune. That is the business part of the process. There is another, more important part.

Our need for shelter is a fundamental human need, but it is our emotional need to create a home that makes this such an important event in our lives.

It is our intention that the building experience is filled with fun and joy. We are here to serve you. And realize that in doing so, our own lives are enriched by your new beginning.

10. Repeat Customers!

“Great things are done by people who think great thoughts, and then go out into the world to make their dreams come true.” – Ernest Holmes

“Finer Homes Groupies” Many of our customers have bought 2 or 3 or even 4 Finer Homes as their lifestyle and family needs have changed through the years. We feel honored and grateful for our very loyal customers who continue to choose Finer Homes and send their friends and families our way.

No builder, including Finer Homes, can build a perfect home. However, we are optimists whose dream is to have only satisfied customers who are glad they chose a Finer Home. And most of the time, almost every time, that dream comes true.